Lisa Rosenberg is the owner of Adventures Unlimited Preschool and Kindergarten. Since acquiring the school in September of 2013, she has striven to bring excellence and respect every day to the facility. Although raised in Alaska, she has been a resident of Salem for the past 19 years. As can be expected, raising her three boys has offered her no shortage of opportunities for engagement in their education and extracurricular activities. She served as a manager and coach for a number of baseball teams (through Parrish Little League), as well as a member of Salem-Keizer's Equity Issues Committee for many years, which dealt in maintaining equality for all students. All three of her children have been heavily influenced by Salem-Keizer's music program, and it drove her to bring a formalized music curriculum to Adventures Unlimited.


To many, many, children (including the ones here), Janet is simply Mrs. Wilken. She began teaching here at Adventures Unlimited over 37 years ago, shortly after graduating from Oregon State University with her degree in Early Childhood Education. These days, she teaches the kindergarten class. Both she and her husband are Salem natives, and really enjoy spending time at home and staying close to family (which includes her twin sister and his twin brother!). In their spare time you can find her sewing, quilting and reading, and him maintaining their garden railroad: the D & J Railroad.

Although she began working at Evergreen International Airlines as a Travel Expense Specialist, it didn't take long for Tasha Kahn to realize that childcare was her true calling. When Teacher Tasha came to Adventures Unlimited 3 years ago, she came as a 2 year old teacher. However, it quickly became evident that she could offer so much more to all the children there. Since then, she has become an integral aspect of Adventures Unlimited, and her versatility and dedication have made her a favorite of both our students and parents.

Ms. Kate Johnson is our resident music teacher. She received a Bachelor of Music from the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music in Appleton, WI. With work experiences in both general and instrumental music education, Ms. Johnson brings a comprehensive music curriculum to Adventures Unlimited. She strongly believes that all children can be successful in music, and that no child is too young to benefit from musical exposure. Her charm and accessibility are responsible for many of the tunes the children sing both inside and outside the classroom.

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