Infant and Toddler

Our Infant and Toddler program is located in the same large room which is divided with a see through fence and gate which protects, but yet allows the infants to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the toddlers. We have large windows that overlook our fun filled nature area that accommodates many houses and feeders for the birds and squirrels. The toddlers enjoy watching the abundance of wildlife right before their eyes. Whether it be summer, fall, spring, or winter there is always different experiences going on with the wonders of nature for them to grasp.

Story time fills up many minutes through out the day. This encourages and develops their language and thought process.

Our little ones enjoy hands on projects like painting with shaving cream on the table and using the paint dobbers.

These projects help toddlers to explore new textures and produces new visual experiences for them. The playground is in a park like setting with wide open spaces to keep the toddlers safe. By offering the toddlers and infants a variety of experiences daily, it allows them to participate so that they can gain wisdom and skills in their new world. This will lead them to exciting new adventures so they're able to move further in their education travels. With a 4 to 1 ratio your infant or toddler will be given lots of attention throughout the day. We are looking forward to having your little one enter into our setting.


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