Here at Adventures Unlimited, we hold the philosophy that children learn best enjoying new adventures within a safe environment. Our child education program includes guided group time, daily art projects, language development, basic arithmetic, free play and tri-weekly music sessions.

Our outdoor play area is located on nearly an acre of property, and is divided into four oversized playgrounds in a park-like setting. Each independent play area is full of age-appropriate facilities, such as our carousel-style swing, garden bed, partially covered patio and one of Salem's largest designated children's sandboxes (18'x36'!). Security cameras are located in each of our four classrooms, and parents can enable their Apple and Android devices to view the monitors at any time.

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, we are pleased to offer half hour music sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; all for no extra charge. We have also partnered with Salem Gymnastics Center to offer 45 minute gymnastic classes on Thursdays. These are located at their facility and require only a minimal fee. There, the children enjoy personalized attention from qualified instructors, and enjoy an activity that not only increases self confidence, but helps develop a higher degree of large motor skills and coordination.

During the summer months, Adventures Unlimited is proud to offer our specialized Summer Fun! program, which includes outdoor activities, water play, arts and crafts, special guests and weekly field trips. More about the Summer Fun! program can be found here.

Over our years, we have found that every child grows at their own pace. At Adventures Unlimited, we endeavor to always offer an environment that both supports and encourages each child in our care to take the next steps in their education. Children with us soon discover the excitement and enjoyment of acquiring new knowledge and broadening their world.


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